Long term Service of National Importance 2012-2013

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Long term Service of National Importance 2012-2013

In the school year 1999-2000, a number of Padua Lions doctors began to meet up with students from Senior Secondary Schools to talk to them about ways of fighting cancer .

Prompted by Martina, a young woman affected with breast cancer, who had insistently expressed a wish “that young people should be informed and educated to take greater care of their health”, meetings with students were repeated yearly.


Martina’s heartfelt plea, the positive opinions of the students and their parents, the results obtained over the years both in terms of appreciation and efficacy, convinced the Lions doctors to collect together all the material necessary for the meetings in an on-line site and to transform their by now long term successful experience in Padua into a nationally coordinated PROJECT.

In 2006 the PROJECT MARTINA was presented to the Authorities in the Great Hall of the University of Padua in the school year 2007-2008 and was carried out in various towns in the provinces of Padova, Venezia, Rovigo and Treviso (Lions District 108-Ta3). In 2008-2009 the Project was started up in Puglia (Lions District AB) and subsequently obtained prestigious sponsorships. During the National LIONS Congress (Turin, 27th 2010) the delegates from Multiple District LIONS 108 Italy chose the Project Martina as a NATIONAL SERVICE 2011 – 2012.

At the National LIONS Congress (Genoa, 18-20th May 2012), once the results obtained in all 17 Districts of the Multiple District 108 Italy had been evaluated, the Project Martina became a LONGTERM SERVICE OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE.


Martina's friends who have contributed to the English translation:
Nicolette Whitteridge , Zahid Saleem, Martina Boscaro