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Material for the project

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Dear Friend,
Whatever path you may have followed to reach this page, please do not stop here.
At this moment you are a vital link in spreading a project that will allow our young people both to reduce the risk of getting cancer in their lifetime and to lead a life with greater peace of mind, strong in the knowledge acquired at the right moment, i.e. at school.

If you have not already done so, I would ask you to read the synthesis of the Project (in the opening section) and some of the students' comments.

Young people's responses to this new undertaking of the LIONS have been fantastic and gratifying. It helps to keep alive the enthusiasm for the work we have been doing over the years.

I am writing to you personally because I firmly believe that the individual's contribution is decisive even working in a team.

So do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or telephone. The "project Martina" is a service without frontiers and timeless and free (both for LIONS Clubs and for Schools). The service was started in the Veneto Region several years ago. Today the same young people ask for it to be repeated every year and that it should not be confined just to one geographical area.

If you are a LIONS or LEO member, open a contact even if you are already involved in other LIONS activities or tell your club about the Project, so that every club has a member prepared to be responsible for it. The club should nominate a Project coordinator, who will have to ask for the LOGIN to access the data reserved to Lions members and to maintain contacts with the organizing and scientific committee.

If you are not a LIONS member, but would like to contribute in some way to promoting this Project, particularly if you are professionally involved in schools, do not hesitate to contact us. There are lots of students and help in any form is always needed.
Confident that you will contact us, thank you for your kind attention.


Best regards,

Cosimo di Maggio               
LIONS Club Padova Jappelli District 108 TA3 Italy
National Coordinator for Project Martina
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Materials for Medical Doctors - Lessons

Presenting the meeting to students

Lesson 1 – Introduction: "Fight against Cancer" strategies (PDF - PPT)
(edited by Cosimo di Maggio)

Lesson 1 – Introduction: "Fight against Cancer" strategies (PDF - PPT)
A SHORTENED VERSION (edited by Cosimo di Maggio)


Lesson 6 – Thyroid Cancer (PDF - PPT)
(edited by Francesco Candiani and Carmelo D'Atri)

Lesson 7 - Lymphomas (PDF - PPT)
(edited by Carlo Riccardo Rossi)



Material for Lions Member

Visual presentation of the Project

How to put the project into practice with visual aids

Captions Presentation of the Project

Guidelines for Lions co-ordinators

Promotional synthesis (.pdf file)

Draft of a letter to Head Teachers and drafts for Institutions

An illustrated three-faced leaflet of the Project

An illustrated two-faced leaflet of the Project

Basic Test for STUDENTS

Basic Test for PARENTS


Instructions for Compilation of Excel files

Excel file: " BASIC test for students"

Excel file: "Test for parents"

Excel file: "FOLLOW UP"

Excel file: " Annual conclusions: year...."

Comment on the results of the questionnaire